Tuesday, December 12, 2006


They Said sheryl..we need to see a pic of you with nothing in your hair or a hairstyle...Let the hair do its thing....Let it be!!!...So I'm giving the people what the ask for, Freestyle!!

Well you know i got ot be silly and cute....

If my hair wants to stick up or out.....Sometime you just got to let the hair do its thang!!!

My Brother Dwayne with His( BrotherLocks)!!..1 year 5 months

Yup this is my brother indeed!!. He thought he was goin to leave me behind when he got his locks in and get a stretch on me...NOPe..I was right there 3 months after..hahaha.. Well in these pics he's about 1 year 5 months!!!.. Congrats to Him....Bless up Big Bro...

Lord knows that this guy has his own story to tell, but guess what, I'm the one typing it..hahaa...Wow he came a long way from deciding how, who, and when he was goin to get his locks....The main thing was HOW!!!..But he got them done..and thanks to Martime he is where he's at today, loving it, shaking it, and boastful about his locs!! But hey what can you say, its yours, they're beautiful, and Everybody loves them...Especially the owner...Hahaha...One luv!!