Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Brother's Locs Are Looking SHARP!!..(1 year-10 Months)

Hahahah I caught him guys...GOt 2 sneak shots of him. Took awhile but my Bro finally let me take some updated pics of him. I dont know why he puts up such a fight, knowing good and well he likes 2 see the progress. I tell you..... the things i have to go through...G -wizz!!!....LOL...Bless

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dropped curlz from my new style!!!

Hahaha....I guess I have a little too much fun sometimes huh!?!...THis is what happened when my curlz dropped...I got even more creative and made my hair look like i got myself a cute hair cut. Oh my goodness I got so much compliments I almost didn't want to take down my hair. Guys were complimenting me left and right. If I was any clearer I would have turned beet options are endless..Just need time to figure them out!!!!