Sunday, April 15, 2007

New STyLe!!!

I kno its been awhile guys..but i really let laziness get the best of me..It had to take a friend of mine to remind me that i needed to get too it..I just neede that up to my MaD SiCk HeAd No Good friend!!!....U Done Know!!
WOw who knew what a little experimenting could do. Well I had my hair curled the other day and was looking at it in the mirror and felt a little creative. So I pinned my hair up in the back in two and let my top hair stand a bit. The style surprised me. I didnt know it could do that...My hair that is...............It last a little while until the pins started to irritate my scalp and then i didn't feel like putting on a shower cap when i took showers....SO the curls started to drop...Surprisingly they still looked good...AMEN.....