Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Day In Jersey...Halla @ my jersey Peeps

I was feeling smokey!! braided my sides & curled the back...I did my usual thing and gave myself a hump in the front u know.....Blah blah blah......hahaha

I hope u feel the smiles man cause I'm feeling my look that day ya'll...

Well I was in Jersey flashing da cam....Can U blame me...hahahah!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

1 Year!!(Styling)

HAhahahaha..Yea I know, I'm silly...silly..silly...But i'm 1 year into the process and it feels good..Cuz i made it through some tough times.. and you know what...MUAH!!!!

1 Year!!!.(retightening myself)

Oh my goodness I actually made it....I'm 1 Year and I made it seemed so far away but came so quickly......Wooooooooooooooy! This is my retighted 1 year in da process..I do it myself now...So whenever i feel like i need a freshen up I hook myself up...Best thing in the world is to do things yourself when needed, especially if u really need it soon...

Don't worry about the pigtails, they're just there to keep me on track so i wouldnt lose my place. ANd no that look is not a hairstyle for those of you who got jokes.....


Lord have mercy let me tell you...My hair reacts...It does what it always wanted to do..SHRINK!!!!!....... Before I started my locs, this is what my hair always did>> When I would comb one side it would be full and puffy..then when I went to the next side to comb, by the time i went back to the puffy part it had already spring right back down towards the scalp...Rebellious is what my hair is to me...Now here is where everything becomes worry some... I started out with 4 inches of hair when I started my locks, within a couple months it grew about and inch and a half.. I was excited and measuring my hair and such..My hair was growing I'm telling you....But then later on down the line about 7 months prier to 8 ...I noticed my hair is looking shorter..I couldn't braid it like i use to with ease, they weren't curling as easy as before, and my friends and family would ask me if I cut my hair... Man can you imagine the disappointment I felt!!! My hair just seemed to be getting shorter and shorter....I came to learn that all it was doing was locking up and forming it's locks....But I"m doing better now knowing that they're locking up, no more stray hair at the ends. Like many have said....You will get your length back soon and you will be shocked to see how much your hair grows. In the meantime to maintain my insecurity I accessorise with earrings to bring out my features more, and style my hair.....Well its a long journey and I might as well try to enjoy the ride.....Bless!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Me Again...

I just got home from the gym and was a little bored and snapped some pictures before i went to wash my hair....

About 6 or 7 Months!!

Believe me...I dont think that i could get it like that again..But Good /my hair was behaving itself for a little while....

Martime's Beautiful Locs!!!..(My Sisterlock Consultant)...

This is Martime, the beautiful woman that did my sisterlocks.. Isn't she gorgeous, and her locs are astounding. I believe they are about 6 years. She is a wonderful person to meet and know. I'm really happy that i met her because she helped me take a turn in my life. I love her locs and I can't wait till my locks reach that length. But only time will tell my story of do many others....Bless!!

Nice Hair Day!

I just came home from work and was feeling my I said why not just take some snapshots for a good hair day to remember!!

Chillin In My Room....

I'm just having fun with the camera at this time.
My hair looks retighten, I did it myself. I like my hair to have a fresh look. Especially when Im goin out, OR I'LL WEAR MY HAT!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Da Colors...

Notice how I have different colors at different stages... I was looking for the right colors...But I did love experimenting for a moment though...But i cooled out for the meantime. Anything new is always fun..So if your goin to try anything make sure you do it safe and be wise..No what your doing, or have someone who does...Play Smart!!!

Braids Out!...

Look @ my niece in da back..Hahaha..

This is when I took out the braids. They are looking funky & crimp!! A little crazy but a style is a style!!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

About 10 Months!!

This is me with a braid back. My little cousin did it and i wanted to show off her work. It was really cute so i had in for about a week or 2. Dito!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tough Times( about 4 or 5 months)

Sorry guys I'm only guessing some of these months because I took them a long time ago. This was some tough times. I can see the changes in my hair, how its looking different as time goes by. The good, the bad, & ugly is yet to come. I think i needed my hair to be retighten here. Ugh!!

Styling out..(1 or 2 Months)

Well since i got my locs in I've been getting compliments on my hair and the way I style them..This is me being ME.. I think i was about 1 month or 2 in this photo. Braiding my hair at that time was real easy. Now that my locks are a little thicker its a little hard to grab them all. But I'm looking forward for them to grow more so it would be much easier.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

This is Me with my natural hair...Just letting you guys see how it was before I locked it up.

Times were really rough combing that sucka out...Can you imagine how it really was when it wasnt combed..or when it was about to be combed....Hey, but in the pays off...But it had a big price....(PAIN)!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Starting Out!!

Wow did i finally sisterlock my hair after of many years thinking about actually locking my hair. Its amazing when u really think about it though. A big journey that awaits for me. To me its a big decision because I always had braids in my hair. Braids were my beauty. It made me look beautiful and made me feel comfortable. So without them i feel revealed and exposed to the true me. UGLINESS...Thats years of years hiding under something like that. When its gone u feel vulnerable. But i had to do it. I had to let go and loc my hair and be free from such mind bending thoughts about myself..So here i am on a journey self confidence and the beauty of my natural being...A journey with sisterlocks!!