Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AN Update!!.( 1 YeaR and 9 MonThs)

DO u see me??....I'm coming along....

There is a big difference from now and 5 months ago...I'm telling you as a fact....If I didn't take picz I'm telling you i wouldn't notice.... Thank goodness for camera's & people's memory to notice.....hahhaa......Dont mind me I tend to go Blah blah blah......Blesssssss!!!

Hahahaha.........I'm almost there but who's counting!!!!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wrap It UP!!

Wow I love this wrap...I wasn't goin tp get it at first but then i was like if I dont get it then it will be on my mind too much......Well lets just say I'm glad i got it....LOve it...xoxox

I dont know how this wrap was set up...Why you may lets just say this RastA man that i bought it from Hooked me up....Kinda sad he didnt have any more in his shop.....

RastA maN DID A Good JOb!!!!!
Rocked this style all day til i was ready to take it down...hahaha......Blesss!

Styling & On Da MOvE!!

Yes I did myself and updo and was ready to go out and have a little fun on a night out with some friends.

All I did was braid my hair unravel them and style and go.

The rest is a wrap....and pin the back up..and i was good to go...Blesssss!!!!

NExt DAy Braid Out!!

My hair is definately doing its thing......All i can
do is look forward to alot.....what eva that is..haha

I got to admit, I really like the outcome. It brings me out more. Well some friends and family said that they have to get use to it. This is just a braid out that i did the night before...ITs not too crimp but its ok otherwise....

New Color!!

Well my cousin was saying that its time sheryl.......Its time for you to put a color in your hair......SHe told me i need to get on the ball....Wow who new my hair grew out so much. So i finally agreed to it though i really wasnt feeling it. But she got me to do it. This is my new color after I washed everything out. WOW......I dont know....i guess I will get use to it in time....

I got to admit though...My hair did drop...Looks longer.....I'm coming along guys wow..

Notice how the color on the tips are lighter than the hair from the roots.Well the darker hair was all black and new growth.....Time goes by when u dont pay attention to your locs to much..!! Bless.......

Bantu or BOntu Knots!!

GUys I was feeling experimental I guess. You will never know how something will look unless you actually try it. SO hate it or love it..........DOes it matter?....I wore it...hahaha...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Brother's Locs Are Looking SHARP!!..(1 year-10 Months)

Hahahah I caught him guys...GOt 2 sneak shots of him. Took awhile but my Bro finally let me take some updated pics of him. I dont know why he puts up such a fight, knowing good and well he likes 2 see the progress. I tell you..... the things i have to go through...G -wizz!!!....LOL...Bless

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dropped curlz from my new style!!!

Hahaha....I guess I have a little too much fun sometimes huh!?!...THis is what happened when my curlz dropped...I got even more creative and made my hair look like i got myself a cute hair cut. Oh my goodness I got so much compliments I almost didn't want to take down my hair. Guys were complimenting me left and right. If I was any clearer I would have turned beet options are endless..Just need time to figure them out!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

New STyLe!!!

I kno its been awhile guys..but i really let laziness get the best of me..It had to take a friend of mine to remind me that i needed to get too it..I just neede that up to my MaD SiCk HeAd No Good friend!!!....U Done Know!!
WOw who knew what a little experimenting could do. Well I had my hair curled the other day and was looking at it in the mirror and felt a little creative. So I pinned my hair up in the back in two and let my top hair stand a bit. The style surprised me. I didnt know it could do that...My hair that is...............It last a little while until the pins started to irritate my scalp and then i didn't feel like putting on a shower cap when i took showers....SO the curls started to drop...Surprisingly they still looked good...AMEN.....